One of my websites is becoming successful?

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I’m quite excited.

Monday was my biggest traffic day on the Vicariously Jane Austen blog, which has only been on WordPress for a week (when I moved it off the SocialGo site). Actually, today (Tuesday) marks the one-week anniversary!

So let’s celebrate. In one week, VJA has welcomed 300 views, with 94 as of 11:30 p.m. Monday. Most of those were drawn to an interview I did with a Jane Austen blogger, Maria Grazia, who promoted my feature on her blog. Her post generated about half of those views.

It really helps when you share! The VJA Twitter received six retweets today for Maria and another Jane Austen author’s interviews and a few more for the Twitter question of the day about being Marianne in Sense and Sensibility.

The support blows my mind. As I continue to feature authors, bloggers and Janeites on the website, I continue to find more! In fact, just a few minutes after I announced Monday’s successful news on Twitter, one of the Jane Austen authors I’ve been hoping to interview actually commented on my post.

If all of this is happening in one week, just think of the possibilities.

Now I need some niche product to go with it 😉

Any ideas?


Blankets made from old T-shirts … also, what is freedom?

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It’s that time of year (fall) when I start thinking about Halloween costumes and Christmas presents. When you’re living on a budget, you try to think of an inexpensive but fun way to look good in a costume or tell someone you care.

Today, I found this as one of my @VicariouslyJane Twitter updates:

A blanket made from old T-shirts

And I thought, “Hey, I could totally do that. I have a bunch of t-shirts I like but don’t use anymore … ”


I think I'll make one for myself!


But I don’t know if I would make one for a present. What are your thoughts?

Also, the topic on today’s Daily Post seemed interesting –

Topic #269: “What is freedom? When do you feel most free in your job? In your day? Least free? When is it better to not be free?”

For me, I’d say freedom is being the master of your time, which is what I’m trying to do by launching these niche websites. The idea is to eventually build up enough readership to do a newsletter/book/product thing and work for myself. Some people need structure, but I’d prefer to be in charge of my day. I can think of nothing better.

I feel most free when I am productive, interestingly enough. That seems to work in direct contrast to my time commitment phobia mentioned above. Yet, I feel trapped when I have nothing to do and I’m forced to “waste” time. There I go, valuing time again.

When is it better to not be free? Hmm … I suppose when you want to tell someone that you already have plans. Yup, I just skirted that question.

What’s your idea of freedom?

So I started up some new ventures

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Hey loyal friends,

This is my new personal blog site to get my thoughts down in writing each day.

If you’ve talked to me lately, you know I’ve been plugging away on a few projects. I’ve created social networks for journalists and Jane Austen fans, and I’m trying to build the Twitter and Facebook followings for those.

I’m also working on some jewelry, which I’m dubbing “Pearl Pendants.” They’re glass pearl beads in a small glass bottle. It’s a new way to wear a pearl necklace.

I also hope to include some musings about travel and my daily life. You can find my Berlin travel blog from 2009 under the travel tab.

I’ll post photos soon and expand the site. Just wanted to get this started today.