Front page of the Sunday ABH!


This is always fun to find when you didn’t expect it. Georgia Health News published my first class article of this semester, and then thanks to the partnership with the Athens Banner-Herald, I nabbed a front-page Sunday spot as well! Next to the football coverage — not bad.

ABH front page

Check out the story:

When Travis Smith was an undergraduate, he shadowed doctors at health clinics in the Central African nation of Zambia. He saw a need that couldn’t be met.

People lined up for days, waiting to be seen. Mothers held crying babies. Nurses quickly recorded vital signs and asked about symptoms. Sometimes antibiotics were available. Most times, nurses could only console families and urge them to drink clean water, find clean sources of food, and wait.

That was summer 2008. Now Travis plans to study emergency medicine.


Georgia Health News features my primary care story


Meet Travis and Chelsea Smith. It’s Travis’ last year of medical school, and they just got engaged. Hear how they’ve handled the wedding planning.

That’s in the video. Read the story to check out the trend in Georgia (and other states) regarding students choosing specialties. Even though they may not be going into the typical primary care disciplines, they say they’re still helping the primary care doctor shortage.

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