Zak Bagans, the Twitter extraordinaire

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I’m posting a quick mention about Zak Bagans simply because I think his tweets are hilarious. You may know him as the head honcho on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” I’m addicted to the show, and Zak is a hottie in the Las Vegas-native, buff sort-of-way.

Don’t ask me why I’m following him on Twitter. Anyway, I thought this series of tweets this afternoon was worth posting, especially when you notice his quick succession of them. I wonder how much time celebrities spend on social media sites each day if they manage their own accounts.



Zak_Bagans 1:47pm via Twittelator

My house is starting to feel like im trying to sleep in the basement of Mackeys… Welcome to the real-life “Paranormal Activity”

Zak_Bagans 1:49pm via Twittelator

I dont watch them…do u think I really would need to??RT @itsLALA_bitches i know youve seen the third paranormal activity. did you like it?

Zak_Bagans 1:50pm via Twittelator

Yes this guy lived there that hunts demons named Zak Bagans RT @IsisMoonFairy do you know the history of your house or the land it’s on?

Zak_Bagans 1:51pm via Twittelator

…..just a wild guess as to why theres so much dark shit on that land…

Zak_Bagans 1:52pm via Twittelator

Yes I try but never works …I jus dont like my sleep to be interupted RT @Tailer_Pat Do you ever cleanse your house or like burn sage?!

Zak_Bagans 1:53pm via Twittelator

My dog “Wendy” plays video games all nite doesnt even notice it RT @ABRBurial are your dogs bothered by all the activity in your house?


And that was pretty much the end of it for a bit. Ha ha ha ha. That’s all.


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