My blog has a conflicting identity

CC thoughts

I can’t decide what I want this website to be.

Some days, I pass along tips and advice as I fight through the interesting battle that is blogging and social media. That seems relatively popular.

Other days, I post about finances and life. A few of you have mentioned these posts to me in person, so I consider them helpful.

The interviews, I’m thinking not so much.

The silly videos, I’m thinking yes.

Essentially, it would be great to know what you enjoy reading that I enjoy posting.

Most of all, I stumble upon several sites each day that I think would be interesting to post, but I end up e-mailing them to myself to save them for a “themed” post.

Well, that’s clogging up my inbox. And it’s not exactly getting the news to you. So my latest strategy? Every few days, I’ll start posting a “grab bag” of sites for you to check out. With the variety of topics, maybe there will be a bit for everyone.

Here we go!

2 thoughts on “My blog has a conflicting identity

  1. It’s important to write what YOU want to write, not what you think people want to read. Your readers will appreciate the passion in your writing. So far, I’ve enjoyed all of your posts, from random videos to interviews!

    1. You’re so right. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget. Thanks for reminding me 🙂 That’s why you’re Janet the Awesome.

      I’ll keep up the posts then. And I look forward to more craft posts from you!

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