Procrastination central, so I bring you silly videos

Jane Austen

I sat down to this post with full intention to write about my foray into buying a domain name, signing up for a hosting service and downloading a more professional WordPress theme for the Vicariously Jane Austen site.

But, alas, there’s much I want to say, and I don’t feel like being extremely detailed tonight. I put it off by attending a movie night at Cine with the Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars for a screening of Psycho. It’s impressive on the big screen and fun to watch with an analytical eye.

Hence my need for The Lonely Island and goofy animal videos. I bring you a few animal videos, but go find Lonely Island for yourself … I highly recommend Jack Sparrow with Michael Bolton and the Justin Timberlake ones.

I’ll get back to the serious stuff tomorrow. Promise.


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