I want a husky (and some other YouTube videos)

CC thoughts

Yes, I want a dog.

My first and only pet – Travis, the 14-year-old border collie/husky/mutt mix, ran away from home at my mom’s place in North Carolina a few weeks ago. She had been moving slowly for some time, so we assume it was the old-dog-goes-to-the-woods-to-die thing. Mom searched and searched for her for days but couldn’t find her. I still don’t think I’ve accepted it, not really.

But once I actually have a yard again, which could be years from now, I want a huge husky or Australian shepherd. I know people somehow own them while living in an apartment or townhouse, but I guess I’m not prepared for that yet. Travis was an outside dog, and I really like that.

Anyway, I’ve been daydreaming more than usual about owning a big husky, and I can’t get over this video I found on YouTube. You must watch it:


I’m also amused by these videos this week –

Stevie Nicks singing a Twilight-inspired song on her latest album:


The awesome 8-year-old on Ellen who sings with Nicki Minaj:


And the new website taking everyone by viral storm:

Feminist Ryan Gosling on Tumblr

Ryan Gosling


Happy Friday!


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