I just found my high school LiveJournal.

CC thoughts

It’s crazy what you’ll find when you start web surfing with a purpose.

Yesterday, I started looking at the Twitter and blogs of Mark Johnson, a photojournalism professor at UGA, when I remembered the blogs that we did for our advanced photojournalism class. Mine was a project on The Life of Dance at UGA. I interviewed and photographed several dance groups and classes around campus.

Crist photo

I had a lot of fun going to those different practices. I wondered why I didn’t dance more and then looked up the practice schedule for Prelude, one of the groups that I featured and found a mention of my blog on their old blog.

Prelude blog

Then I thought about other photo projects I did and remembered the Maymester documentary photojournalism class where we wrote about Georgia-South Carolina water wars and produced videos. I found a few links, but the newspaper has a pay wall up, so I didn’t bother trying to track the videos down for use on my blog.

But I did think of Covering Poverty, which is a site I helped John Greenman to develop for my Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities research and thesis while in undergrad. We were also mentioned in the Georgia Political Digest for the project.

Covering Poverty websiteThen I just searched “Carolyn Crist, Mark Johnson” and found several mentions in Mark’s blog, as well as one by Josh Weiss, a Red & Black friend. Though I knew about and even commented on the posts at the time, I had completely forgotten about them. It’s nice to go back and relive those memories, in a way.

Josh Weiss photo of me and Waites

And back to LiveJournal. As I sat down to write this post, I wondered if that 2004/2005 chronicle was still around. Sure enough, it is. I’m not going to disclose my username so you can find it, but I’ll let you savor these snippets:

Jan. 2, 2005: “The New Year…so a lot of people list what went well and some people (like me) actually think about regrets. I’ve had a few regrets lately that have been bugging the hell out of me.

-Finding out about 4 days before we got out of school that I wouldn’t have a class this semester with a certain someone. I was kinda sad b/c I realized that it would be nice to hang out with this guy during the holidays. I poured on the charm, but of course nothing will happen b/t 2 people in just 3 days, so I think I lost out on that one.”

December 26th: “by far the most interesting. I went to my granny’s house and my aunt, great aunt, and DAD were there. It was awkward with my dad at first (like i said, hadnt really seen him in 5yrs) but he has been sending me letters lately and expects us to grow a lot closer? psh idk. But he was funny and cool to see again. I know it won’t go anywhere though…too many broken promises and I have done fine w/o those visitations for what, 14 years? ’nuff said.”

July 6, 2004: “i hate being jealous of someone who has something i had the opportunity at but let it slip away”

Judging me yet? I’ve had quite a few laughs myself. Does this one help?

June 22, 2004:

my livejournalHa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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