Should everything be done in moderation?

CC thoughts

This was the question posed today by the WordPress folks who are running The Daily Post challenge. It’s a yearlong motivation to post once a day or once a week, and they give topics each day for bloggers to respond.

I signed up yesterday, and now I can proudly display this badge as I try to hold true to the promise of talking to you all each day.

Post-a-day badge

So my input: Although moderation sounds nice, I realize I don’t live my life this way. I work hard and play hard. I stress much or I don’t stress at all. I love much and I care much. I don’t hate much, but I don’t really tend to hate at all, so that’s also not moderation.

For instance, I’m plugging away on my websites without moderation. Today, I updated most of this blog by adding static text and photos to the Navigating Newsrooms, Vicariously Jane Austen, Pearl Pendants, Purchase Page, Travel and Writing Creatively Tabs. I promise to get to the Writing News bit tomorrow.

OK. I’m slowly tackling the pieces I want to change on each of my websites, and I have plans to teach myself about search engine optimization and all that jazz. So much to do!

At some point, I’ll also post some bits about my weekend travel to North Carolina. I created a video for it, so I need to edit that. Ha. I also want to talk about signing up for the National Novel Writing Month contest, training for a half marathon and trying on some ballet moves.

Here we go!

Tell me what you think!

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