The abbreviation stands for the newest craze in dance competition and reality TV – So You Think You Can Dance. The show, produced by the same people American Idol, poses auditions for thousands across the nation, bringing hundreds of dancers to Las Vegas to compete for 20 spots on the show. Throughout the season, viewers call in votes to keep couples and dancers on the show, narrowing down the slots to 10. Those 10 tour the nation after the season and battle it out for the top position, which offers money and a contract at a dance studio or show – the top prize changes.

Each week, couples pick a slip of paper and perform the style on that sheet – Broadway, jazz, crump, waltz, hip hop, street dancing, salsa, ballroom and contemporary. The show, which has won four Emmys for Outstanding Choreography, has brought back dance as a craze – especially for my generation. It’s the reason I’m interested in dance, and it’s the reason I decided to cover dance for this blog. I tuned in for the second, third and fourth seasons in the summer. I missed last summer’s season, and the show is now so popular it’s back for a sixth season this fall.

During the national tour, the top 10 dancers from the season before perform popular dances from that season’s shows and additonal routines. Jacob Cole, a graduate student in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, attended the Atlanta show this week.

Cole, who attended the show at Gwinnett Arena and loved every minute.

Cole, who attended the show at Gwinnett Arena and loved every minute.


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