BSE takes the cultural stage


Mix modern choreography with hip hop, black shorts and three girls who can’t stop laughing, and what do you get? Black Shorts Entertainment.


Sei Chin (left), Bona Kim and Lorien Kim complete choreography on a song for this year's season.

Lorien Kim, a senior chemistry major from Atlanta, founded the group when she was a sophomore. Ranging between three to 20 members during the year, BSE rehearses at the Ramsey Center on Thursdays. There aren’t auditions, and anyone is invited to join. This semester, rehearsing members are the three officers, which inclues Lorien, Sei Chin, a  junior telecommunication arts major from Augusta and Bona Kim, a junior psychology and international affairs major from Duluth.

The three with attitude

The group rehearses for two hours each week in a Ramsey Center aerobics or martial arts room.

This fall, the three will perform at a “Battle of the Organizations” event and Taste of Diversity in November. During the spring semester, the group will be at seven events — a Chinese New Year event in January, a College Of Pharmacy cultural event in February, Korea Night  and Asian Sensation in March, and Cultural Fusion, International Street Festival and Asian Market in April. Performance music right now is Hot Issue & Muzik by 4Minute. If one thing is clear from watching rehearsal, it’s this: the girls aren’t afraid to have fun and try new things. While finishing choreography during practice on October 15, they would try a move, laugh it off and find another that suited them and the music.

Good catch

Sei Chin watches her reflection in a mirror as she practices the dance.

Goofing around

Lorien Kim laughs while dancing during rehearsal, appreciating the fun moves they've made up.


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