Undercover police work?

Journalism, Observations

Okay so I went to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office yesterday with the county crime and courts reporter and visited a few people I knew from last year. I’m really surprised that exciting crimes are down in the county right now… 🙂 It’s all DUIs and minor marijuana charges.

Where are the prostitution spas and murderers when you need them?

Anyways, one of the invetigators who met me for the first time asked how old I was. When I told him I’m 19, he asked me if I would like to do undercover work. Apparently I could help out with underage drinking violations, although I’m not sure what they’d have me do that wouldn’t technically be entrapment.

Needless to say, I told them to keep me in mind.

I’m also thinking about taking their self defense course or being tazered. I know that sounds really stupid, but I’m sure it’d be an interesting experience. As we left, the crime reporter was telling me about how she had tried it when she went to report on one of the workshops (because policemen who use a tazer must experience it first so they know what they’re doing). All these huge men had to withstand 3 seconds, but she only had to do one second… 🙂

Another thing I thought was pretty cool is one of those shooting practice programs in the basement of the jail. Do you remember the scene in Men in Black when Will Smith and the other recruits have to shoot aliens in the simulation, and it shows where each bullet went afterwards? Well there’s a program like that right here in Coweta County. Yeah, the crime reporter did that, too. Apparently this program can shoot fake bullets back at you, too, but she had that turned off when she practiced.

But once again I’m back here writing stories about Career Day at a local school. Any ideas I can report on?

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