Broke my employer’s car…


Today I was actually asked to go take pictures of a Career Day at the local elementary school. Of course I didn’t have the car with me and gave my camera to my mom today of all days so she could take pictures of her classroom.

So my editor let me borrow her car…

I thought I was great when I pulled back into the parking lot downtown. I hadn’t gotten in a wreck and hadn’t been pulled over for speeding. I switched the radio station back to what it was and moved the seat back into the right position.

I had turned off the AC on the way over because she had it up so high and was running low on gas. On the way back I was burning up and rolled down the two front windows.

When I parked and put the emergency brake in place, I couldn’t roll up the windows. I know that in a few of my friends’ older cars you can roll down the power windows but they don’t come back up. I panicked.

Should I go back in and tell her I’ll pay for the auto bill? I stared at the driver window and pulled up. It moved. I tried the switch again, and it moved up a few inches on its own. I pulled the window up and inch again, and it rolled up by itself again, but the passenger window gave me trouble. I panicked again.

This looks so stupid to have the passenger window down and the driver window up, I thought. If I have to leave it, I’d have to explain the whole thing to her. I tried pulling up the window for a few minutes, praying the entire time that I wouldn’t permanently break it. After several tries, I finally got the window up, jumped out of the car, locked it and walked away.

Lesson: I’m not sure what I could have learned from this to prepare for it in advance, but I’m really glad that I tried to fix the situation before spilling what happened to her. 🙂

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