The life of a young journalist

Journalism, Observations

Okay after a few months of letting the blog die, I think I will pick it back up again. The entries before these were pretty sad, so let’s see if I can find a niche and hold on to it.

I’m interning at the local newspaper in Newnan, Ga., this summer, and I run across crazy people and incidences all the time. Let’s see if I can find enough to blog about it on here.

Today’s observations: Some people in small towns are just so friendly. Last summer I interned here and went to the Newnan Police Department everyday to get incident reports and talk to the detectives. The secretary who prints out the incident reports remembered me and started talking about her bladder surgery in February… Atleast we should all be glad she’s back at work, right?

Oh and I should note the trends in my internship, too. I got here early today and was enthusiastic to type up anything. I took a 30 minute lunch break and came back to my desk. Oh, and I was also suckered into writing about parades on Memorial Day. So much for going to the lake with my family, eh?

By August, I’ll be coming in late like everyone else, trying to look busy so I don’t get so many more assignments, taking 1.5 to 2 hour long lunches and making excuses for why I may not be able to cover something that runs outside of my 9-5 work schedule. I’m not terrible…I’m just normal. Life will do it to you.

I look back on my articles from last year and have deduced that they basically suck. Hopefully this summer’s work will be better, and I’ll post any that really make me happy. I’ve been working on leads this year at The Red & Black…

At any rate, if you have any ideas for something I can write up, let me know!


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