Right-door awareness


Stealing the phrase from my boyfriend, I’d like to back up the seriousness of right-door awareness.

How many times have you tried to walk through a set of double doors, only after stepping aside for someone to walk in the other way? How many times have you done the awkward right-left-right shift on the sidewalk before passing someone to avoid running into him? How many times have you actually stepped into the street because a line of three or four girls walking toward you on the sidewalk wouldn’t move over to make space?

If you’re like me, it happens every day, and now that I’m in college, I find the stats no different than when I was in high school. I hate it when there are double doors and people walk in the “out” door or vice versa just because it is propped open or someone opened it before them. This is especially a problem during class changes when groups of people try to get through doors. I’m always thinking (and sometimes even saying), “There are two doors, people!”

There’s a solution we like to call “right-door awareness” for those who don’t know what to do in these situations. When you approach double doors, when you walk on the sidewalk, when you drive, (in America at least — sorry Britain, Bahamas, etc.) always take it to the right. If everyone knew the rule, these situations could be avoided. And I write this blog because I think yelling, “RIGHT DOOR AWARENESS” at my uneducated peers as they walk through doors is ineffective.

However, I can see the arguments now. There are always exceptions. If you are going to pass someone on the sidewalk and are already to the left of the person, of course it is perfectly fine to pass on the left. It’s all in the art of defensive walking.

On another note, singing “LUNG CANCER” as I pass those who smoke is also probably ineffective, but I don’t want to rant about smoking. Everyone and his brother/mother/lover knows smoking is bad for you.

Just follow the rules, folks. Need lessons? See me or any experienced walker in New York.

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