New trend not fo’ the po’


Now get this one: pole dancing parties. The Times ran a story about one lady in particular (42 years old!) who teaches mothers and even grandmothers the art of pole dancing. I’ve gotten mixed reactions from friends, but I’m all for it. If the old ladies want to act sexy for thier husbands while exercising and building self-esteem, I’m all for it. I’m sure the husbands are for it, too.

“I don’t want to think about 40-year-old women pole-dancing, but that’s just me personally,” said my boyfriend today. I told him to consider it if he were the 40-year-old husband. “Then I’d be pretty excited,” he said.

Enough said. Some question the morality of commercializing a stripper’s act, but if it gets apathetic couch-potato Americans interested, up and active, (especially desperate housewives, ha pun intended) then I’m all for it. It’s the new social generation of Tuperware and Avon parties.

Other points: Let’s keep around the book clubs, though. Also, I’m hesitant about the sex toy parties. We all have our limits, and that may be mine.

Only sad part: it can cost a pretty penny to host the parties and serve the food, but isn’t it usually expensive to throw parties? Maybe lady friends can take turns hosting.


One thought on “New trend not fo’ the po’

  1. Hmmm…. On one hand, it’s fine to entertain your husband. But, do you need to go to a pole-dancing PARTY to learn how?? Somehow that just doesn’t sit right with me. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger….

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