Long Oscars laughable but let down Leo


Deemed the Super Bowl for women, the Oscars ran until 12:30 and left me unsatisfied. I failed my womanly duty to watch the first bit, but I returned to my room around 11 p.m. and was told the results by my roommate. Although I missed Will Ferrell and Jack Black’s duet, I was there to see a few interesting comments by Ellen Degeneres and Forest Whitaker’s win for best actor.

As a Leo lover, I’ll admit I wanted him to win for The Departed, but he made up for it when he winked at the producer for complementing his work. As some who know me can vouch, I melt for a guy who winks. DiCaprio has grown up a great deal since Growing Pains and Titanic, and he still looked nice despite the slicked back hair.

I haven’t seen Whitaker’s movie and can’t argue like so many have done that Leo should have won. Even my roomie (who loves Leo) thought Peter O’Toole could have won with his eighth nomination.

Either way, Leo won me over when he played his roles in The Departed and Blood Diamond. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love with him as a statie or a diamond trader? I sympathize with Jennifer Connelly as the at first cynical and then lovestruck journalist. I know it would happen to me. At least The Departed (which I’ve seen 3 times now, by the way — a rare event in my moviewatching career) won for Best Picture and Directing. Yay for Martin Scorsese.


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