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Anyone who’s passed by a newsstand anywhere from New York City to Senoia, Ga., can guess that I’ve stolen my motto from The Times. The famous quip that graces the top left of the nation’s prestigious daily newspaper is now a part of my blog title. At least this is my disclaimer. To start off, I’m a first-year newspaper nerd at the Univeristy of Georgia and see myself at The Times or AP in the future. I’m trying to start up a blog that will seem more professional than every middle schooler and high schooler’s vent of the day. I’ve separated the blog into school, politics, journalism and general sections and hope to have enough content soon to direct you to those areas.

Goal for this blog: Be more gutsy in opinions, get noteworthy comments, gain Web design experience and add a part of my life to the ever-changing global net.


2 thoughts on “Plagiarism

  1. You’ve got the Chronicle for SF.

    Anyway, I was giving an example of the wide distribution of The Times from where it is printed in NY to The Boonies, Ga., where I live. But you know that 🙂

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